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Driver Safety

Driver safety: It’s on the record

For G&K’s route personnel, driver training never ends – and it’s made a measurable difference in our safety record.

Our accident rate has decreased significantly since we began offering driver training. As a result, the company has recorded approximately 20 percent fewer accidents in the past five years. All drivers are required to participate in ongoing training.

Our software-based training includes instructional videos and tests. Today, a significant number of our employees, including those that don’t drive as part their everyday job responsibilities, participate in the bimonthly training sessions.

In 2013, we initiated another important driver safety improvement by installing a telematics system in our fleet of delivery trucks. The system provides real-time driver monitoring and audible coaching to, among other things, improve driving behavior, ensure seatbelt use and, ultimately, reduce accidents. The use of telematics also helps ensure that additional driver training is provided when needed.

The system extends G&K’s commitment to keeping drivers safe, while also improving fleet gas mileage and helping to extend the life of fleet equipment.