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G&K Workplace Safety | G&K Services

No Task is So Important, and No Service So Urgent, That We Cannot Take the Time to Perform Our Work Safely.

Providing a safe and secure work environment is one of our highest priorities at G&K. We’re proud of our strong safety record, which is among the best in our industry. Our goal is to be accident free and we’re making progress towards this ambitious goal.

As one of our Core Values, safety is embedded throughout our culture and we devote significant resources to employee safety. Over the past several years we’ve invested millions of dollars in training and projects that improve safety in our plants and delivery fleet. We have developed a discipline around safety processes that encompasses drivers, and plant and office workers.

We work hard to keep all our employees safe, ensuring that they understand our safety policy and comply with our safety programs. We’re also proud of our leadership role in helping to establish safety standards for our industry.

Because of our ongoing commitment and investment, G&K has consistently improved our safety performance. G&K achieved its best safety performance ever in 2014.  We have reduced our Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) rate by more than 60% since 2007, and we are striving to achieve further incident reductions. G&K monitors and reports on safety performance in every location, sharing key safety metrics across the business and with our executive team. When a location maintains an outstanding safety record, employees and managers earn personal recognition from G&K’s CEO for their performance.

Keeping our progress visible and top-of-mind is a powerful way to drive continuous safety improvements.