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Healthcare Rental Program Options

G&K Managed Programs protect staff, patients, and their families from cross-contamination through specialized healthcare processing procedures. With G&K, you’re also able to decrease overhead and inventory costs associated with managing a program on site. In addition, we provide inventory of your cleaning products to meet census demands. In the end, we offer the service you need to meet your day-to-day demands, so you can focus on what you do best.

G&K Medical Uniforms
G&K’s Healthcare Program offers access to a line of consistent, durable, and professional-looking medical apparel that will fit your unique brand and meet safety requirements. 

Facility Services
G&K's Facility Services products and programs help provide a safe, professional, and clean environment. A well-maintained facility reduces the spread of germs and cross-contamination to support patient comfort and satisfaction.

G&K Process Only Program
G&K offers a weekly cleaning service for your company-owned garments, mops, wipers, etc. Benefits include:

  • Reduce labor and energy costs
  • Eliminate chemical cost

Special Handling and Processing 

With G&K's specialized healthcare laundering and processing procedures, your medical clothing is cleaned to meet healthcare protocols. G&K’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) follow the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) regulations on product handling and employee safety. Our well-trained service teams are committed to safety and the proper handling of healthcare products. 

HC360° / Our End-to-End HealthCare Process

G&K’s business is inherently green, providing reusable products and reducing the overall environmental impact of disposable medical waste. Click here for more info on G&K sustainability.