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Nurturing Talent

As an award-winning employer, we are constantly seeking new ways to retain quality employees, share best practices and innovative ideas across the organization, and develop individuals’ leadership potential throughout their careers.

G&K Center for Leadership Excellence 

Our newest training initiative is the G&K Center for Leadership Excellence, a catalyst to identify and develop leadership potential across the company. The center effectively teaches employees how to apply our core values to deliver excellent customer service. It also allows us to more easily develop and promote leaders from within our organization.

Ongoing Learning Opportunities

New employees from every location start off on the right foot with G&K’s 90-day onboarding plan, which gives new hires the tools to understand our business goals. Subsequent training is job-specific and tailored to employees’ needs, from their learning styles to their language.

We tap the real-world knowledge of our subject matter experts and leaders from across the business to drive home real-world business lessons and practices – and then follow-up with performance measurements. The training is effective: sales and customer service employees earn higher customer satisfaction scores after completing their training courses.

Since our business is geographically dispersed, we offer online training classes through the G&K Knowledge Channel. All G&K employees may participate in our customized self-paced courses. And, at some point in their career, most G&K employees will have an opportunity to be “driver for a day” – shadowing a route sales representative on his or her daily route.