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Scrub and Medical Clothing Rental Program

Your Prescription for Service Excellence

G&K’s scrubs and medical clothing rental program helps your lab and medical staff maintain a professional appearance. Likewise, our clean and comfortable patient gowns ensure patients have a consistently positive experience, leading to higher patient satisfaction scores for your hospital or clinic.

Medical apparel provided by G&K will not only meet safety regulations, but fit to your unique brand – all at an affordable cost. Plus, our business is inherently green, providing reusable products and reducing the overall environmental impact of disposable medical waste.

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G&K medical apparel features:

  • Scrubs
  • Medical lab coats
  • Protective barrier coats
  • ESD coats
  • Counter coats and smocks
  • Cafeteria apparel
  • Housekeeping/maintenance apparel
  • Patient scrubs 
  • Executive and professional wear
  • Jackets and coats

Our medical apparel is also available for direct purchase at our GKDirect online store.

We also offer a full line of microfiber towels and mops, mats, soaps, and more facility services products

NEW! Color by Discipline Scrub Program

From a patient perspective, it can be difficult to differentiate between a registered nurse, therapist or housekeeper. A color-by-discipline program helps patients easily identify their caregivers, providing patients and their families a sense of comfort and security.