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Scrubs, Lab Coats, Patient Gowns

Your Prescription for Service Excellence

G&K Services’ scrubs and medical clothing rental program helps your lab and medical staff maintain a consistent and professional appearance throughout the entirety of the patient’s visit. Clean, comfortable patient gowns ensure patients have a consistently positive experience, leading to higher patient satisfaction scores for your hospital or clinic.

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Whether the medical uniforms or lab coats are for a doctor, nurse, lab technician, receptionist, maintenance, kitchen or other important support staff, G&K offers a variety of image and healthcare apparel rentals for your Hospital, Clinic, Extended Care Facility and Lab:

  • Scrubs
  • Lab coats
  • Protective barrier coats
  • ESD coats
  • Counter coats and smocks
  • Cafeteria apparel
  • Housekeeping/maintenance apparel
  • Patient gowns 
  • Executive and professional wear
  • Jackets and coats

We know uniforms are only one part of your plan. For a full line of Microfiber towels, mats, mops, soaps, and more facility services products, please visit our Facilities Page.

NEW! Color by Discipline Scrub Program

Scrubs are a staple in the healthcare industry, so much so, that nearly all patient care personnel wear some type of scrubs today. Yet, from a patient perspective, it can be difficult to differentiate a registered nurse from a therapist or even a housekeeper. That’s why a color-by-discipline program can provide patients and their families a sense of comfort and security by helping them easily identify their caregivers.