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Auto, HVAC and Other Service Industry Uniforms

The service sector, which provides services to other businesses and to consumers, is a fast-growing sector. This growth means more competition so setting yourself apart from your competitors is essential. One important aspect is to project a positive image and build your brand in the marketplace with a branded uniform program.

Research* shows that consumers:

  • Generally prefer employees in uniform
  • Are more likely to buy from a business whose employees are in a uniform
  • Have more confidence and trust in the business and employees
  • Believe uniforms enhance perception of product and service

So why leave it to chance and have your customers develop their own conclusions about your business?

G&K Services has developed programs in industries such as automotive repair, special trade contractors, HVAC, lodging, recreation, rental and leasing, and more. Our custom, branded apparel and facility products and services programs meet the business needs of companies throughout North America.

Enhancing Your Image

We have a wide selection of high-quality work-wear, executive apparel, and business-casual looks to meet your various workgroup needs. You can mix and match your image solution while offering employees a program that is comfortable and functional and fits. Contact us today to get started designing a program specifically for you.

Ensuring the Safety of Your Employees and Your Facility

While image is critical to your business, we also recognize your need to ensure the safety of your employees and facility. We understand that protecting employees from job hazards and lost work time due to injuries is critical to any business. At G&K Services, we offer safety-apparel solutions such as flame-resistant products for employees who might encounter arc-flash hazards, as well as facility-service solutions such as entrance mats to help reduce slips and falls and anti-microbial soaps and Purell® sanitizers to help reduce the spread of germs.

Driving Employee Retention and Productivity

From contractors, technicians, estimators, and architects to building operators and engineers, these individuals work long hours, meet a wide range of customer demands, are generally on their feet all day and may come in contact with grease or oil. They may also be exposed to minor cuts or bruising. G&K Services designs products with these challenges in mind to help employees feel comfortable and protected throughout their day. We also design programs to help support your business challenges such as:

While it’s about your business, it’s also about you. Your business is your key focus and, in many cases, you wear multiple hats. At G&K, we are committed to Service Excellence allowing you to focus on what you do best, while we focus on what we do best. With this commitment, we make sure your employees project a professional image and feel comfortable throughout their day—all while meeting today’s safety requirements. Whether you choose to rent and/or buy your uniforms and facility products and services, G&K will work with you to meet your needs.

* Source: “Customer Perceptions of Uniforms in the Workplace” study sponsored by the Uniform & Textile Service Association with J.D. Power and Associates