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G&K Services Office Chaos

G&K Services is aware that everything in an office isn't always as easy or efficient as it can be. That's why we are dedicated to ensuring that your uniform program is as simple as it can be, so that you can focus on what you do best. For the full chaos, visit the G&K Office Chaos Playlist.

GKdirect® – Your Direct Purchase Apparel and Accessories Partner

Looking to purchase your company's uniform apparel? Our direct purchase program makes it simple and convenient to purchase your employees’ apparel and accessories to enhance your company image. GKdirect offers fast shipping, a large selection of inventory, recognizable brands, exceptional quality, competitive pricing, and tailored solutions. This is all backed up by G&K Services’ Company Promise. Watch to see more about how a GKdirect program can enhance your brand.

Benefits of a Mat Rental Program

Safety and image start right at your front door. Learn more about how a G&K Services Mat System can help enhance your workplace by keeping it clean, safe and productive through our most popular mats: Scraper mats, Track Control mats, and Complete Comfort Anti-Fatigue mats.

G&K Services - GKhealthcare: Your Prescription for Service Excellence

G&K Services is your trusted provider for your healthcare apparel and facility services.  See what our customers have to say about G&K's expertise in the healthcare industry and how G&K was their prescription for service excellence service.

G&K Services & GKCareers - Become a Part of Our Service Team

G&K Services provides uniform and facility services to 170,000 customers across North America.  We do this through a team of the world's best Route Sales Representatives (RSRs).  Some choose our RSR role as a life-long career.  Others choose it as a first step into broader management and leadership.  Either way, we'd love to have you on our team!

G&K Services & GKCareers - Your Post-Military Career Starts Here

Your military background is a great fit at G&K Services. Our core values line up very well with your military experience, and more than anything we value your leadership capabilities - it's a defining characteristic in the military and it's a defining characteristic of success in our company. We hope you'll give G&K a serious look, we'd be glad to have you as part of our team!

G&K Services - CEO On G&K's Commitment To Customer Promise

G&K Services' is centered on our Customer Promise, which ensures complete deliveries, predictable billing and prompt service. Our commitment to service excellence allows you to focus on your business, while we focus on your work uniforms and facility services. In this video, G&K Services' CEO, Doug Milroy, discuss the value of the G&K Customer Promise and how our G&K team supports it each and everyday.

G&K Services - Your Uniform and Facility Services Partner

Have you thought about outsourcing your uniform and facility services program? When you outsource your uniform rental program, G&K Services takes care of scheduling, fitting, pickup, cleaning, repairing and delivery to make sure YOUR employee appearance is clean and professional to represent YOUR brand.  Watch to see more about how a rental uniform program can help you and your business.

G&K Services - Experts in Visibility Clothing

Enhanced-visibility and high-visibility (ANSI-compliant) uniforms offer increased visibility for workers who work in low-light or hazardous environments. Hear from a 3M expert on the differences between High-Visibility and Enhanced Visibility and the common scenarios where they are used. Also hear from G&K customers on G&K's expertise in visibility clothing and excellent service.

G&K Services - Plant Tour

G&K Services is a leader in uniform rental and purchase programs and facility services. G&K is committed to service excellence - providing complete deliveries, predictable billing and ensuring your needs are met promptly.

Watch the video to see just how G&K fulfills our customer promise each and every day.